I live in Victoria, where I work in the BC Ministry of Environment.

I also work as a wilderness guide. I love nature, I love to paddle and I am captivated by the Canadian Arctic.

I was introduced to canoe tripping as a kid, paddling on the Canadian Shield in Ontario. In 2002 I spent the summer paddling through the tundra for the first time. That year, six of us paddled a tributary into the Coppermine river before taking the Hood to the coast. I was hooked. In 2005 we went north again, this time to paddle the Back river and mingle with thousands of caribou. Both were fabulous trips – I am fascinated by the rugged beauty and vast space of the tundra.

This summer I am returning north by myself to explore, daydream and immerse myself in the tundra for 50 days. I’m bringing a journal, a ukulele and my camera. Also, a bug shirt. The idea for Arctic Inspired emerged while planning this trip as a way to go beyond my own adventure; to build community between arctic aficionados, share our experiences and take a peek at the tundra from each others’ perspectives.

I hope you will join me in this tribute to the tundra.

Happy exploring,

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Tim Irvin


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