About the book, Arctic Inspired

Arctic Inpired was a not for profit community project.


If this project brought people together to share their collective interest in the tundra, then it will have been a success. If it also stands as a testament to how the rugged beauty and vastness of the tundra inspires the people who visit it; if it helps in some way to ensure that we treasure it, that we don’t plunder it, that we respect it and its people, then I will be thrilled.

The Barren Lands of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories are a captivating place. If you have traveled through this remarkable part of the world I expect you have been inspired in your own way by what you have seen and felt during those travels. I also imagine that you have tried to express this – perhaps through photographs, drawings, paintings, letters, journal entries, stories, songs, poems, etc.

Our book is a compilation of these kinds of creative works to be shared amongst ourselves and others.

Changes are happening in the central arctic as industrial interests increase and climate change looms. But even yet, it is one of the last great wilderness areas on Earth. My hope is that the generous contribution of our inspired works will pay tribute to the land, the people who call it home, and to you – the crazy people who travel thousands of kilometers to have their very flesh ravaged by incorrigible black flies, just to dip a paddle and eat some bannock with the midnight sun in your eyes.

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