by Tim Irvin

arctic2008_woolyThis book is a compilation of creative works inspired by people’s self-propelled travels through the tundra of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

It arose from a strong desire to pay tribute to this wild and beautiful land and its people. It came from an urge to share with a wider audience how this remarkable place has inspired myself and others.

This book is for all those who have travelled in the tundra and been moved by those experiences. It is for all those who are intrigued, but have not yet made the journey, cannot make the journey, or would rather read about black flies than swat them. It is also for the people of the north, in gratitude for the opportunity to be inspired by their land.

My hope is that through sharing in each other’s experiences, this project will strengthen the community between arctic enthusiasts, and give us the opportunity to see the tundra from each others’ perspectives.

If it also stands as a testament to how the rugged beauty and vastness of the tundra inspires the people who visit it; if it helps in some way to ensure that we treasure it, that we don’t plunder it, that we respect it and its people, then I will be thrilled.    1