I invite you to submit the following:
Many Arctic Flowers by Tim Irvin

  • Your poems, sketches, songs, photographs, paintings, short stories.
  • Vignettes from your journals or books.
  • Any other creative works inspired by your tundra travels.

Stumped for ideas? Dig into that photo album, journal or shoe box and send in the stuff you already have or create something new. Write a black fly Haiku. Submit a quote from other arctic explorers that have inspired you. Or, write a letter to the tundra, a caribou, your grandchildren, the people of the north to anyone/anything else. Anybody can contribute. The only prerequisite is that you’ve paddled or travelled through the tundra of Nunavut or the Northwest Territories and been moved by your experiences. All submissions will be considered.

You will maintain all rights to your work and will be given full credit for everything that you submit. Arctic Inspired will not use or reproduce any contribution for any purpose other than inclusion in the book.

Arctic Inspired believes that anything that is not shared risks being lost and anything that you give is a tribute to your creativity and that which inspired it.

How to Contribute