Canoe on an Arctic Lake by Tim Irvin

Arctic Inspired is a collaborative art project designed to pay tribute to the tundra of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. I envision a self-published, professionally designed and printed book, containing a diversity of writing, photography and artwork inspired by the tundra. I am inviting paddlers and other northern travellers to share how their arctic travels have impacted them and inspired them to create.

George Back once wrote:

“There is something exciting in the first start even upon an ordinary journey. The bustle of preparation, the act of departing, which seems like a decided step taken, the prospect of change, and consequent stretching out of the imagination, have at all times the effect of stirring the blood and giving a quicker motion to the spirits. It may be conceived then with what sensations I set forth on my journey into the arctic wilderness.”

Arctic Inspired is an opportunity for people to share how their northern travels have stirred their blood, stretched their imagination and lifted their spirit.

Arctic MapExplore this site to learn more about this project and to find out more about contributing.

The Vision of Arctic Inspired